Huangyuan 251 taxi oil to gas

since last year, Huangyuan county environmental protection department will change the use of taxi oil as a clean energy to promote pollution reduction an important work. At present, Huangyuan County 251 taxis have all bid farewell to the black tail, with a green, environmentally friendly clean energy.

in the past, Huangyuan county taxi basically to the traditional gasoline fuel, as a result of the majority of the taxi all day operations, often in urban areas, resulting in fuel consumption, high cost, and very environmentally friendly. 2012 onwards, Huangyuan County transportation, environmental protection and other departments began to promote the taxi industry, natural gas and Automotive dual fuel. By tracking the evaluation and estimation, after the transformation of the taxi from PM2.5 is 93% lower than that of gasoline for a year, carbon monoxide emissions reduced by 97%, noise is reduced 40%, compared with the cost of fuel taxi, can save 1/3, emission reduction and economic benefits significantly. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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