Fujian Fort conservation status quo worrying how to retain nostalgia

in our lives due to the different characteristics of each region, so there is a certain difference between the local buildings, with the inclusion of the world cultural heritage list, "Fujian earth building" renowned at home and abroad. In fact, in Sanming, Fujian, there is a great regional characteristics of large residential buildings comparable to earth buildings, but scattered in the mountains and countryside for outsiders to know, this is the "earthen fort". Preservation of the status quo in Fujian Fort worrying, how to retain nostalgia is essential, and the following Xiaobian specific understanding.

days ago, "Fujian Youxi Tu Bao Cultural Heritage Protection Forum" held in Youxi Sanming City County, Fujian province. How to promote the Fujian soil science, rational utilization and protection of fort, let Fujian Tu Bao once again full of unique charm of ancient buildings, so that people can still see the mountain in the economic and social development, could see the water, remember nostalgia, become the focus of the forum of experts to discuss the.

why so many soil Fort

according to the existing literature textual research, Fujian earthen fort was built in the Song Dynasty, developed in the Yuan Dynasty, mature in the yuan and Ming Dynasty, prevailed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the end of the Republic of china. National Taiwan University professor Xia Zhujiu in "my little knowledge" of Fujian Sanming Tu Bao pointed out that the "survival and safety" is the main purpose of earth fortress build, and powerful clan forces is to create the most important strength of earth fortress space. Xia Zhujiu believes that in the era of unrest, the government is not enough to establish order, the fort is the best foothold for the survival of the clan.

in this forum, the experts agreed that the defense and protection of local banditry beast harassment, production and living materials is the main reason for building the earthen fort. Liu Qing, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army (PLA), believes that the earthen fortress is a kind of building form under the combination of mountains and mountains and the combination of the peak and the fortress. Fuzhou University School of architecture professor Li Jianjun has studied for many years to sort out the relevant Fujian Tu Bao of the historical data, in his opinion, Fujian is a kind of earth fortress from the actual defense needs, mainly to defense, supplemented by local residential defensive buildings.

reporter saw Tu Bao are foundation of high block Lei Qi, with clay or other mixed soil hangzhu, can form closed wall thick and tall. In the building of the fort is the local common wooden structure of the traditional residential style, according to the axis and multi axis symmetry or asymmetry. As Li Jianjun stressed, and pay more attention to the different earthen mounds, defense function, generally equipped with – type turret or stilts, open type towers PaoMaDao defense facilities etc..

experts said, as a kind of special produced in the special historical period, the geographical environment, the special social form of production, life, customs, religion, school is one of the vernacular architecture, Tu Bao historical value and artistic value to the people to know.


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