Business license how to do this site weapon

for entrepreneurs, the first step is to open a business license for business, in order to win the full recognition of the state of our business. So how to do business license? The answer to this question will be illustrated in the following. Following these steps, investors will be able to successfully apply for industrial and commercial business license.

1, individual industrial and commercial households business license.

2, organization code certificate.

3, national tax registration certificate

4, local tax registration certificate

5, Zhang Yitao (public, wealth, private)

[one] how to apply for business license

A, industrial and commercial registration

1. intends to do business in the region of the county industrial and commercial bureau to receive the application form.

2. query intends to do business name:

(1) identity certificate of the applicant or applicant commissioned relevant certificates;

3. certified by the accounting firm

4. preparation file:



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