Entrepreneurship not only to open source but also throttle

and this is a word that entrepreneurs often mentioned indeed, open source is on the one hand, the throttle cannot be ignored. For just started the company, as far as possible to save costs, in order to follow the development of adequate preparation. So, how to save costs? Let’s take a look.


first start-up operating cash flow. The company’s cash is always not enough, you have to do things far more than you now have money, how to reduce the cost of cash? Do a lot of things with little money. Here are a few ways to throttle:

Second, the replacement of non cash. I remember before Sina, NetEase they are interchangeable resources, and now there are some companies with their own services for some advertising resources. I remember when I was in Silicon Valley, like rent, legal fees, advertising fees, you can use your equity to buy these services. Recent cases of cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent is a typical case of the replacement of a variety of information and services with equity. These non cash replacement can save your cash outflow.

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