Baby supplies store how to display goods

infant supplies stores business if you do not know how to display the principle that will certainly have an impact on the store profitability has, many businesses have come to the consultation skills on display, if you want to know with small series with a look, grasp the opportunity to learn, to acquire more profitable skills.

1, vertical display method: will be placed vertically in the vertical row of goods on the surface.

such display advantages: A. allows customers to clearly see the goods, can be compared, two horizontal arrangement, to go back and forth a few times, there is no clear impression, because people’s eyes move up and down than the parallel move clear. B. is beneficial to the similar commodity price comparison C. can not let the similar goods can enjoy "the gold dan".

2, milk powder or other items of the theme of the display method: with the festival, the theme of the promotional activities of the display.

advantages: will be a lot of goods according to a clear theme of the display, in order to remind the customer Association, improve sales. Duitou equipment outstanding products, plus eye-catching, unique advertising to attract customers.

3 related, complementary goods are displayed together: the use of this method should pay attention to the display of goods must have a strong complementarity, relevance, relevance.

4. integrated display method: the combination of goods, designed to be displayed as a whole form.

5. comparison of the display: milk powder and other goods through a combination of different combinations, the overall sales to increase sales.

infant supplies stores operators need to display goods if you display skills is not very familiar with can contact us to tap more business skills, display of goods is a university asked not to ignore this important link.

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