Brand name should focus on the target market

now, although there are a lot of investors to know the brand from a proper name is a very important thing, however, a lot of people named is from our own perspective, without taking into account the real investors feel. In fact, the brand name, the target market is a key factor.

many companies, especially the boss, in the name of the brand, too much emphasis on their feelings, while ignoring the product is actually made to others, is to sell to others. Others want this product, he must have a good impression on the brand, the enterprise should consider the brand name to his feelings, rather than to consider the boss’s feelings.

, for example, give a name to a child’s product to consider whether a child will like it. Children can be "Mickey wonderful", can not be "crocodile". Consumers in the moment of consumption is emotional, so we must seize their hearts at this moment. Therefore, when the brand name, we have to consider other people’s identity, rather than self-identity.

Jin Yong novel in the name of a lot of martial arts characters, are in line with the plot of the book, you can not put the characters in his book and Qiong Yao novel characters. Also, we have seen the "Water Margin", Song Jiang, Lin Chong, and other characters of the figure and the name of the characters have a great relationship, and these characters in the hearts of every reader has a model of understanding.

but understanding of each person that is surprisingly consistent, illustrates the importance of relationship between the names of characters and connotation of the figure also shows that, the author of these names, not to their own preferences for the standard, but to the readers as the standard of social identity.

short, if we want to make the brand more good development long, can not just from our own perspective, also need to pay attention to the target market, consumers pay attention to feelings, so as to make the brand will be better tomorrow.

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