Five brothers rely on bean sprouts extraordinary business

in today’s society, some of the most entrepreneurs are often forced by life, like in today’s society there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs are often born relatively poor or some laid-off workers.

in the noisy bustling metropolis, or isolated small towns, laid-off workers has been a matter of people fear! Because laid-off workers are facing unemployment and unemployment? Today, I will tell you a real case of laid-off workers entrepreneurship – "laid off five brothers rely on bean sprouts", then they laid off how to start a business? And the author to see it:

How to start:

How to start the

2004 laid-off workers how to start a business with a few brothers to discuss. Listen to a friend said that the production of bean sprouts are making money, a pound of beans can soak up seven or eight pounds of bean sprouts, from the northeast into a pound of beans is only about three or four cents, and the quality of the pollution-free bean sprouts." The second said, brother together a few together 600 thousand yuan, began to dry.

How to start the first

How to transform

how to hide from the laid-off entrepreneurship management sales, to successfully enter the supermarket

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