Entrepreneurs must have legal knowledge

business is not unusual, investors tend to be best for a mistake will go bankrupt. However, because some entrepreneurs do not understand the laws and regulations, legal ate loss, not only the final property lost, ruined, and possible jail, unfortunate. Here, Xiao Bian will share with you some of the business must have laws and regulations.

the establishment of enterprises engaged in business activities, must apply to the registration formalities in the administrative department for Industry and commerce, business license, if engaged in specific business activities, must obtain prior approval from the relevant authorities of the file. The legislation of enterprise of our country is no longer continue under the old model of enterprise ownership legislation, but according to the form of business organization respectively legislation, according to the "civil law", "company law" and "partnership enterprise law", "individual proprietorship enterprise law" and other legal provisions, enterprises can be Limited by Share Ltd, limited liability company, the partnership, a sole proprietorship enterprise, of which the most common limited liability company. You need to understand the establishment of enterprises, enterprise registration regulations, the company registration regulations and other business management regulations, regulations. The establishment of specific unemployed enterprise, you still need to understand the Development Zone, hi tech park, Software Park (base) and other aspects of the laws and regulations, the relevant local regulations, which will help you to choose business location, to enjoy preferential policies such as tax.

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