China’s food and beverage industry ten hot words

Internet is undoubtedly a magical thing, it exists so that we marvel at the greatness of human wisdom. After the industrial revolution, the scientific and technological revolution must be recorded in history. The influence of the Internet to the world, the restaurant is naturally affected by its inevitable.

with the changing of people to "eat" the form and concept of the transformation of the catering industry to the Internet is an inevitable trend in the reform of the catering industry, business mode and management idea at the same time, we should use the Internet as a propaganda tool for optimization and upgrading of traditional catering industry, the operation efficiency and public awareness.

The national business conference held on December 27th

2015, the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, is expected in 2015 China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods will reach 30 trillion yuan, ranked second in the world, the contribution of consumption to economic growth of nearly 60%. Among them, food and beverage consumption occupies an important position, contributing more than 10% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. Once again, the catering industry’s contribution to the development of the national economy has become increasingly prominent, stimulating the role of consumer spending is growing. 2015 10 months before the national food and beverage revenue of 29280 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8%, to maintain steady growth. From the monthly view, in 2015 after the catering market has maintained a steady growth rate of relatively strong, catering revenue growth in the fluctuations in prices; but since the second half of the year especially at the end of the year has been slightly sluggish growth, return to nature, model innovation, China catering industry stabilization rebound, affected by what factors, the development trend that has started the weakness? China’s food and beverage franchise in 2015 on the impact of the restaurant industry ten hot words inventory.

China’s catering industry ten hot words

1. new normal – catering industry opportunities and challenges coexist

China’s current economic development has entered a new normal, is in a critical period of transfer structure adjustment, nurturing endogenous growth momentum crucial period to improve employment opportunities for people’s livelihood. In this context, China’s catering industry also entered a rational return to meet the needs of the masses, to adapt to market changes, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the new normal development. First of all, the popular restaurant because of the rigid demand growth is relatively stable, become the biggest impetus of the whole industry to stabilize rebound, especially organic food, fast food, group meals catering, farmhouse and other formats of the masses meet segment consumer demand rapid development. Secondly, rents, labor costs continue to rise and no signs of slowing down, becoming an important feature of the new normal, the profitability of food and beverage enterprises will become the sole criterion for the healthy development of enterprises. Again, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of infrastructure, new technologies, new products, new formats, new models will provide new opportunities for the development of the catering industry, and continue to attract the attention of the external capital.

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