Beauty salon management rules to maintain good old customers is very important

now society, people’s beauty and the increasing demand, there are more and more people began to open in the beauty salon, as we all know, the beauty salon business is still need to rely on some old customers to support.

how to maintain good old customers? When consumers in the purchase of goods or services, will have to choose according to the above four consumer awareness, and then focus on their own and value coincide with some goods or services, and finally struggled to decide what to buy a commodity. Under the surface to see what types of customers to buy psychological.

how to maintain good old customers


1, popular psychology of seeking new

crearive pop psychology, is in pursuit of commodity and non commodity is novel, unique, fashionable and out of the ordinary for the main purpose of consumer psychology, its core is the "fashion" and "popular".

this kind of customers, mostly belonging to the good economic conditions of young women and perceptual (impulse) type of consumers, full of fantasy, desire for change, for the United States eager to accept new things quickly, pay more attention to the beauty salon and comfortable decoration, the scale, the pursuit of comfort, convenience, price and value of goods between the level of not too concerned about.

2, youth has passed the crisis psychology

for women, 35-45 years old is the specific period of psychological beauty. During this period, they are very concerned about their appearance and physical changes in the small, very reluctant to go to the end of the youth, the beginning of their aging face often feel uneasy, even sad and sad.

3, looking forward to the upper class social comparison psychology

some beauty from customers is not very good, so grow up build up the family fortunes have the money. Began to patronize the beauty salon. They are not based on the need to do beauty or buy cosmetics, and most of them are looking forward to the upper class society, want to be in charge of your wife’s psychological comparison driven.

to them, go to beauty salon not only for consumption, but to those who have the ability to do with gold, silver, people enjoy the high-end services.

4, the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction psychology

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