Shenzhen a number of benefits to boost their own business

2015 years, Shenzhen city will double this innovative construction as the focus of development, to increase welfare for many times in Shenzhen independent entrepreneurs, Shenzhen independent entrepreneurs add benefits at promoting innovation driven development.

2015, the state government work report proposed that the current vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation is the power source, to promote the adjustment of economic structure, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, innovation is important driving development path.

to implement the spirit of the State Council last year, the city issued the "opinions" of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government on the strengthening of entrepreneurship to employment, and boost employment to promote the city’s business, Shenzhen city human resources and Social Security Bureau issued "on further loans do pioneering work notice", "Shenzhen City entrepreneurship support subsidy measures", "on the strengthening of entrepreneurship service work notice", "on the strengthening of entrepreneurial projects for work notice" 4 supporting documents, to provide a strong support for the public business.

two personnel into self employment subsidies range

according to my city since last October on the implementation of incentive of entrepreneurship and innovation in the new series are self-employed qualified founded start-ups can apply for all kinds of new business support subsidies, loan guarantees and the business service business. Registered in the city within 3 years of small micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and private non enterprise units, and in its normal business start-ups to pay social insurance premiums, according to the actual demand for business loans and business support subsidies.

The object

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