What kind of marketing strategy can open a slipper shop

in the current new era, almost any product as long as a good operation, the market will be very good. However, want to shop business hot, naturally also need to grasp the relevant marketing strategy. So, what a marketing strategy to open a slippers shop? Let me see small series of.

(1) opening promotion

when everything is ready, ready for the official opening. Slippers store opening day to attract customers, do some promotional activities can not be avoided, promotional activities nothing more than discount, gifts and sweepstakes three types. At the same time in the surrounding area to distribute leaflets.

(two) slippers display

do slippers product key to breed more, to the customer has enough room for selection, which is different from other brand stores, not to rely on the main part of the sales! Slippers store the products on display characteristics to highlight their clothing, suits and other separate display, in addition to the store to look tidy outside to buy selected customers to provide convenient, if you only want to buy individual slippers, he just picked at the personality category, if you buy a spring slippers and want to buy a pair of Adidas cotton slippers spare, can directly get around. The amount of money to focus on the recommendation, often sell the fastest, the window of the slippers to be replaced frequently, which can not be lazy.

(three) long term development marketing strategy

1, principle: slippers shop every week to have new goods shelves, in order to mid-range based, high and low file as a secondary (high grade decorative moderate amount)

2 policy: as far as possible to each link which made standard for days after the development of chain, namely the mode of replication.

3, service: the basic interests of training staff, customer service attitude and service purposes. No matter whether customers buy slippers to smile out satisfactory leave, often the past may have word-of-mouth metex, will also have a repeat. Customer requirements can be met as far as possible.

4, method:

(1) the first shop surprise

A, free gifts, small pendant, let it fill a long-term customer table (do customer database)

(2) to increase the likelihood of its next to the slippers store

A, to convey new information every week on the shelves.

B, the use of the customer database, with some excuse to impose a small favor, to the store to receive or inform the discount news, or free to send the season clothes (to be quantified) >

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