Reverse innovation is the positive thinking of innovation

grasp the latest industry information, in order to gain wealth in the first time. Reverse innovation is not a new concept, from 2009 GE will be for the development of new market electrocardiogram and ultrasonic instrument market in the United States, "reverse innovation" has become a new global development strategy of multinational enterprises. It has changed the thinking of innovation from the developed countries to the emerging economies, but will be the first in the developing countries to produce innovative products to the market.

2013  year, "reverse innovation" selected "World Manager" ten best management practice list. Apart from emerging economies to China, India as the representative of the outbreak of a huge market potential, become a global corporate profit growth "battle field" such a big economic background, we are more concerned about the Chinese, enterprises in the "reverse innovation" trend, how to seize the opportunity to participate in innovation, and even lead the tide of globalization of production. Advantech company vice president He Chunsheng said: "reverse innovation is a shortcut to China enterprise beyond advanced industrialization!"

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