Li Jiacheng’s withdrawal from China caused by the hangover

Vanity Fair struggle is fierce, there is no reliable evaluation standard of right and wrong, take this from Li Jiacheng Chinese divestment, people mixed, the truth Public opinions are divergent., in the end how?

Many years later,

most traders, listening to me this anecdote, Mr. Li will understand the difficulties in heart.


recalls a detail yuan Geng reclamation Shekou Industrial Zone at. By the invitation of Deng Xiaoping, a group of Hongkong chiefs collective inspection Shekou, walking in the middle of the road, such as Henry Fok, who is the youngest, is also the most active one of the people in the world, such as the group of people in the world, such as, China and the United states. He boldly proposed to Yuan Geng, can let the shares of the Hong Kong businessmen to participate in the construction of Shekou, the military staff of the origin of the ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

the details leaked in the early stage of reform and opening, opening the delicate mentality. In the subsequent years, Hong Kong businessmen who invest in the mainland are mostly carefully gathered in the public welfare, Huo Yingdongjian Hotel, the building of the teaching building of the Run Run Shaw, do the University of the University of science and technology, the repair of the swimming pool.

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