Yichun County Fengxin GYB entrepreneurship training into the township

is now in some rural areas, many farmers have a positive entrepreneurial idea, but no way and ability to implement a business idea that, at this time, requires the local government to solve this dilemma.

summer, can not resist Yang Shan 48 villagers to experience the joy of entrepreneurship training. Recently, the Fengxin Provincial Bureau of employment GYB entrepreneurial training courses sent to the township, ten administrative villages, the villagers took part in the training class of the 48 in Jiangxi.


"to know that we go to town is not easy, thanks to the Employment Bureau can come to our free training, and get the teacher’s guidance at home will be able to learn these before the reach of entrepreneurial knowledge, really let me have entrepreneurial impulse! We Xiyuan village chicken is quite distinctive, I intend to go in this direction to finish my business ideas." The villagers Xiao Zhuang Xiang Xi Yuan Cun Le Zizi said the author.

the training of 48 trainees after training all qualified examination and obtained the national recognition of the "GYB" after the training certificate, can apply for the county small secured loans, and enjoy the relevant preferential policies.


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