What do you see from these cows’ exploding dishes

we present life China Xiaobian is the best, this is only my personal opinion, but at least I thought is positive, such a China is innovative Avenue, then another wave of continuous wave like us coming, innovation in this era is not what is fresh the word. Innovation is everywhere, there is no need. Catering market competition so intense moment, food and beverage brands want to get customers favor, we must continue to give them a sense of freshness. One way to increase the freshness is to innovate the dishes, and create a burst. So apart from the taste of innovation, but also innovative in which force? For consumer goods of the old, has always been human characteristics. Even the delicious dishes, a person ate more than and 10 times, the tongue will be paralyzed.

what do you see from these cows’ explosive dishes?

1, innovation from traditional dishes

Lu Xun’s "new story" is a work of innovation from the traditional. On the basis of "Bo’s Literature", he makes art imagination and fiction, and melts into his own life experience and thoughts and feelings. The moon will bring the story to "deduction", open the brain hole to let the traditional story with new taste.

food and beverage industry is not the number of traditional dishes, if you can add new ideas in traditional dishes, will naturally surprise consumers. Beijing roast duck, for example, is very common in the north. Juqi in this traditional dish, made new: diners themselves to pick the duck, made a mark in the above to duck division, this is called "duck election group". In the roast, the duck will be written with a brush on the "blessing" word, baked word does not melt. The same is Roasted Duck, Juqi Roasted Duck from the traditional Roasted Duck have differences, successfully occupy the minds of consumers become explosive.

2, combined with the story of innovation

dishes will be given to the culture, just like an ordinary satchel affixed to the LV logo, do not want to be difficult to burst. Combined with the story of food innovation, it is a tool to increase the premium premium. Sichuan "boiled cabbage" has long been known, but most people remember this dish, not because the dish is very delicious. But because the dish is known as a counter example of Sichuan cuisine will be spicy. It is said that Sichuan chef Huang Jinglin when cooking, many people can only "spicy, derogatory Sichuan provincial". He set a license to break a rumor, "Chinese Cabbage in Soup dish, Sichuan this hundred years of injustice swept away. This is the story of the dishes, and let its enduring charm.

food and beverage boss in the innovation to create explosive dishes, sometimes need to tell a wonderful story.


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