Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of Baidu Google and YAHOO 51yes traffic statistics

our poor webmaster mostly have occupational disease, one is the habit of site website, and the other is to see the habit of flow statistics, two eyes open, busy to the morning is a minority. See the site traffic, data analysis, research on the Baidu Google spiders crawl rules, find the time rule of user access to the site and keywords, which cannot do without traffic statistics, which one is better for some? I made several stops, light secretarial chowder network replaced several http://s. traffic statistics system is eat hundreds of meals, cicada 100 flavor. A lot of free traffic statistics tools on the Internet, my website has used.

first time doing secretarial chowder network, the master gave me a traffic statistics system, non mainstream, like itsun, but later said: the user experience a virus on my website, in fact, is not the virus, just a hint, I don’t know what is going on? Open head do not believe that a traffic statistics will poison? Then own open look, there is a hint, that is toxic, the master said no poison, just a little hint. However, since there is a hint, the user is not satisfied, and dare not visit my secretary chowder, although this system I like very much, but eventually gave up.

later with the famous 51 La systems, many of the advantages of respect, love, but later changed, as if driven by money, website advertising some more, understand the small website difficulties, need to survive.

51 yes is used, the operation is convenient, it is also very effective, disadvantage is that lots of advertisements, drag speed, also seems not too stable, sometimes the site open, sometimes open, traffic is also high.

YAHOO statistics, after all, come from large companies, stability is nothing to say, the speed can also be. From the function of YAHOO statistics is still relatively good, we all know that in addition to the function, YAHOO statistics and some functions such as flow alarm function, fast switching function between YAHOO ID statistics: this function can compare different sites of various traffic sources, can let the webmaster quickly understand in recent days each source analysis function changes at the same time. Can see a domain name origin, YAHOO statistics in addition to quickly view the month of IP, PV and UV, but also check the average residence time, the average number of visits. There are also analysis of the rate of external links, can see each domain of the antecedents of total PV and average PV. access statistics for SEO optimization is YAHOO very helpful, YAHOO keyword analysis in statistics is very good. Another advantage is that if you hang the advertisement of the mom, take this stream Volume statistics can also sell more money. The drawback is that YAHOO statistics seem to be a little high.

GOOGLE traffic statistics quite well, as if the largest number of users around the world. Last time I saw a traffic statistics user survey, GG was in the lead, GO>

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