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I "destiny is always young Beijing SEOER about SEO" in Chinaz, A5 post interview was published, there have been a friend asked me on QQ: "how do you do

blog interview?"

interviewed grassroots grassroots, some friends surprised

I know the unspoken questions behind my friends’ questions like this: since ZAC has successfully interviewed celebrities such as Google, the head of the anti spam group, and Matt Cutts, bloggers have been familiar with blogging. Friends surprise: as a not what quality network resources of grassroots bloggers, blog is not what fame (to this day average IP less than 100), you should also do the interview, and the interview object is actually the ordinary people.

indeed, in our impression, the media interviews are generally stare at industry celebrities, so that not only publicity highlights (star effect), more attractive to the audience.

this "pull tiger banner", enhance the self good visibility of the blog I also thought, have tried to contact some celebrities, companies (such as Baidu Library), all this effort everybody guessed my efforts no echo, little echo.

in the face of such cruel reality, I can only admit that I am not famous Bo, without any platform advantages and resource advantages of reality, and other large platforms can not be robbed celebrity industry enterprises. And I realized that if I blog "grassroots interview" section to proceed, we must take the initiative to adjust the original idea, reinvent the wheel, start from the side of the "grassroots" interview.

I think, like life, we are most likely to ignore the relatives, friends, love, professional areas, we also tend to ignore their own experts". I think my side of these practitioners although not what visibility, but their efforts to study, they are thinking of the industry and their future design, fully bring me some inspiration and moved, even better than the famous interview more real. As long as I choose a good interviewee, I feel it and express it better with words, I think someone will be moved as well. Because this is the true struggle of grass roots.

more importantly, such a "grassroots interview grassroots" grassroots interview, although the need to more carefully find each other’s promotional highlights. But it can "Jan" I am familiar with the interview of "long", "avoid" I have no industry celebrity resources "short", forming a "grassroots grassroots interview" "differentiated marketing strategy, it left a deep impression on the reader.

I thought it would be easy for me to have a "grassroots interview with grassroots". After I really put it into practice, I learned that for my unknown grassroots blogger, the difficulty of interviewing "grassroots" is not as small as interviewing an "celebrity".

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