The news media doesn’t need a website That’s what the founder of Bloomberg said


by professional investors to provide financial information started in the past few years spent a lot of effort to enhance the public face of the media business, but it is the most directly facing the ordinary users of the products, news website recently rebuffed.

Politico reported that the company recently fired an official website planning chief digital editor Joshua Topolsky, it is · Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg) himself.

What did

Topolsky do at Bloomberg,


has been expanding its business since its inception in 1981. Now includes the analysis of financial data terminal business, from the media to the Internet news and publishing, radio and television business and investment business, etc..

, but the most profitable one is its terminal business, which accounts for only 85% of its revenue. Its media business has cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

in this context, Topolsky joined the Bloomberg News agency. Earlier this year, under his leadership, the new Bloomberg web site went online.

is a heavyweight in the tech media world of Topolsky. Not only did he work as editor in chief of Engadget, but he founded the core of technology media The Verge.


The launched in 2011 Verge in science and technology circle established a wide reputation, but in August of last year, Topolsky suddenly announced his resignation joined Bloomberg, the reform is to digital media, including the re design of the whole website.


‘s irregular layout and bright colors have become an important symbol of the site. Boldness and craziness are many people’s ratings of new websites.

when the title is rich in color, in fact, it is easier to attract people’s attention, coupled with the big picture, the effect is even more so. Bold column line with a wider space, also let each part more clearly separated.

five years ago, Bloomberg’s website also often revised, but can not change the dense pile up news headlines boring page:









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