My network ten years 2000

I just witnessed the development of the network. In some ways, I’m still a newbie. I hope you can give us a lot of advice.

, 2000, new year’s day, has been in Jinhua, there is a junior high school students, all day long in the Internet bar, the Internet cafe owner to eat, control, and he, responsible for some technical maintenance, as well as online games. At that time, we basically play in the mud (mud) this online game, without the mouse, are commands, I often do not understand, but the students play very enthusiastically. (this schoolmate is next door neighbor, not secondary school schoolmate) I, basically do not play the game, will soak the chatroom or the flow each big website, each place information network. 99 years, mainly on YAHOO, and then gradually on the Jinhua port of information, and soon after the Sohu, and then sina. Have to say, the next 163, not NetEase, but Guangzhou lane, Zhang Jingjun. But later sold to Tom, this is something. There is also a provider of personal online services.

after the Spring Festival, began to find a job. First arrived in Yiwu, in the fellow found a job. At that time, in a total of four people together, a boss, mainly in accessories; a numerical head of Yiwu office, is a woman; there is a charge of foreign trade business; and I, the boss assigned me the task is actually stealing someone else’s mailbox, I try holding the attitude began to work. At that time, there was only one computer and a digital camera. Usually the woman went to the market to take responsible for product photos, know the price, I will not say what products, low price and little people can’t believe, I think the development of Yiwu is rely on low prices to the world, the source of the product mainly from Wenzhou and Taizhou. I work in Japan during the day and I go to work at night because there is only one computer. For more than a month, nothing was done. Every night is the bubble chat room, looking for hacking software, once had a friend introduced me to a friend said, and give me a QQ number, and he called me, I have forgotten the previous number, and re apply a. Since then, as long as the Internet, hang QQ. This number has been used now, seven digits. Period, there is a girl very chat, called ice white jade, big I two years old, every day eleven or two will come up to chat with me. The family was rich and had already used a cell phone. During the time to Hangzhou repair printer, I do not know what to change, 600 yuan, originally said 800, can go with only 800, and have to stay a little money back. Test software once, to their own hard drive to fill the space, the boss did not curse me, just call me to continue efforts. A few days before I left, the girl said she was going to study in Changchun and had an e-mail connection later. I remember her username was coco002.

left Yiwu more than one month later and returned to Jinhua again. Internet cafes mushroomed everywhere, the students introduced me to an Internet cafe. Contact the chess game, Lianzhong, at that time, do network management, basically do not need how to work, almost a cashier, Internet cafes, some people will not, and sometimes a lot of people around a computer, charging!

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