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Last December

has little contribution to the readers talking about the community, I was purely by community operators experience complete process to create a community, including preparatory to some medium-term direction of community management and the development of late can be considered. (in the public number "product rookie exchange"), the key words "community" can be seen from the "construction group" to "the new process" and "management".


(10 steps in community management I understand)

today’s article is mainly a combination of this period of time on the actual management of research society, with an updated perspective to talk about the community’s topic: how to do valuable community operations.

at the beginning of the topic, you can first understand the operation of the research foundation.

Study on the operation of the

agency founded in February 17, 2016 is an aggregation operation Master community public products rookie exchange under, we will discuss the topic of the week for remote, case sharing, hot spots, we are not in the same city, not in the products of the same category, not in the same age, but we have the same goal: to do the most work operation will play



(Tuesday’s topic for discussion, warming up pictures)


community by the monthly and recruitment system, the cumulative number of 267 people to join, repaying the non active members remaining after the number of 165 people. After 3 months of operation, from the creation of a person to the present, there is a topic group, recruitment group, reading club, collection group, media group, art group organized by the community division of labor formation. The service provided by the third phase is much better than the previous two, and the membership is becoming more and more active. Specific operational research society foundation operating data are as follows:

80 day retention rate: 61%

is active for 80 days: 52%

group activities today: 76%

active today: 144 people,

average daily interaction volume: 1000+

Research Club income: 9900 yuan


in fact, the community is not a new model for us. When we went to college, our fellow villager’s QQ group, the class QQ group, the social group QQ group… Broadly speaking, they are communities, but that group of people, purely for the convenience of communication. Later, do not know what time concept at last year’s community fire up, even the fellow group even the original simple love also called the Christian name "community".

, according to the QQ group, that is the logic of community, I really do spend energy community should have three:

one goes to college, and hundreds of them are there

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