Webmaster why didn’t you accomplish anything Continued

yesterday wrote a little of his own feelings (see the webmaster do stand why you accomplish nothing,) mixed, but everyone is discussed in my article that should do less let users uncomfortable advertising, and their own movie website in the add advertising almost to the extent of the rogue


let me clarify today. The movie station, in fact, with the emergence of MAX and other procedures, has fallen to the bottom of the garbage station, but also directly become poison webmaster and spend the webmaster struggle will thing,


absolutely not alarmist talk, in Kunming I know a webmaster, almost only do movie station. I don’t list his station, but it’s always changing. Why? Because this movie station almost Baidu K is equal to 0 for IP! But I admire him, he always is a new station in a certain period of time to a long tail Baidu keyword do the first page, to get the 1000-2000 IP daily. Then, crazy advertising, pop, point bombs, rebound, floating, induced…… Anyway, than my 7kan got more professional. It is conceivable that every IP has substantial income.

for a period of time, such as being demoted by K. Does not matter, the money has arrived, re – domain name re – do. So repeatedly.

sounds like a lot of fun, but in retrospect, he’s actually started on the regular track. He recalls, "at that time, one by one, plus information, and most of them are original, the community is also very hot, moderators are very responsible and enthusiastic.". Now, no longer have this enthusiasm to do regular station.

because now by the movie station, he has satisfied his life, every day as long as a little automatic collection, you can play, comfort. But, is this really the point of making a station? Collecting is a very harmful thing. In essence, he did not create anything new, and killed your will to stand, become a website to do you!


movie station can play, but not long time to do. But it’s good if it’s a movie station, like subtitles, reviews, or even BT downloads, but it’s also dangerous. An article in Kunming some webmaster let me leave a contact, do not know the rules to let stay for a QQ (79980626).

in Kunming do very comfortable Oh, the rent is not expensive in quite a pleasant climate, the www.7kan.org feeds the bar.

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