On the connotation of website vitality

for the current Internet users continue to increase and the rapid economic development, and now the network has become a commercial activities indispensable publicity and display of one of the models. Business or personal. Just have the consciousness of doing website. Most of them still lack a comprehensive and rational analysis, and lack the guidance of the subject concept. At last, they make many websites become fictitious and stop. Many people are waiting to spend it.


site is a business or personal information, then the site content of objectivity, scientific, comprehensive and innovation must be both that your website information is a particular industry or field ahead, then lead an industry trends. Allow visitors to click on you from many similar websites for best information and remember you. Have a deep understanding of you, and thus locked in the network audience, I personally understand that this is the vitality of the site lies.

this vitality is built by CEO intentions, no matter you do that aspect of the station, you should understand the information content of similar sites, content, etc., on the basis of someone else to find their own innovation —- concept. A new station, how to cut into the network of the ocean, and can make everyone easy to see you, remember you. This requires your innovation, you need to have a more eye-catching, better a logo for Internet users refers to navigation, Internet users as you are the guide of the ocean, this is vitality.

a new station is also a newborn, it needs to grow up. In the initial construction stage, must put all kinds of nutrients suck in place, healthy development, when Baidu included, Google included, YAHOO included, soso included, you are your youth. At this point can not be self satisfied, but to update the site and maintain a higher level. The number of stations is the ring of life.

concludes with a brief summary of the vitality of a web site in its fine content, which comes from CEO’s understanding and innovation of a watershed market. With wonderful content, and then seek to display the window, included in the future, more information about similar sites, timely updates and innovation, to maintain the essence of the content is to keep the site’s new blood. Thus producing high-quality website.

above is my understanding of the site, my station www.zxzhuanjia.com idea is the same. Must have rational thinking, rational analysis. Do not blindly build the station. These are purely personal experiences. If there is any discomfort, please excuse me.

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