Set off discussion opportunities and challenges for T crowdsourcing

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27773it crowdsourcing service platform was established in 2014, the predecessor of the Internet store website was established in 2005. Founder Zhang Haibo is the person who dares to eat the first crab, and has 10 years’ experience in Internet service. There are currently two partners, a Ph. D. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a former New Oriental Information Systems scientist. The other is a partner in the fund company.

service content: website construction, APP development, WeChat two development, network marketing services.

is dedicated to the construction of IT service platform with industry service standards.

below is the sharing of Mr. Zhang Haibo and cross-border @ he Chong friends.

1. describes what crowdsourcing is

crowdsourcing refers to the practice of a company or organization in which outsourcing of work performed by employees in the past has been outsourced to non specific (and usually large) mass networks in a free and voluntary manner.

(through the network to do product development needs research, the user’s real use of feelings as the starting point). Crowdsourcing is usually done by individuals, but if it involves tasks that require collaboration, it can also appear in the form of open source individual production. In the 6 issue of Wired magazine in 2006, Jeff Howe, the journalist of the magazine, introduced the concept of crowdsourcing for the first time in

2. introduces 27773it crowdsourcing mode

will enterprise website, app, WeChat, network marketing crowdsourcing to tens of thousands of IT talents, platform strict assessment technical ability, collaboration ability, choose the suitable object, let it talents effective ability

3. enterprise informatization obstacles and problems

enterprise informatization passive acceptance, information understanding is not comprehensive, opaque;

enterprise information literacy is weak, their own demand is uncertain, I do not know how to force.

4.IT core capabilities of crowdsourcing

develop requirements identification technology, grasp the demand with the fastest speed; strictly IT technology access threshold, and quickly match the appropriate technical personnel

5. questions exchange section (initiated by Mr. Zhang Haibo).

5.1 at present, do you have the impression that you feel at ease, feeling reliable IT service class electricity supplier website


, such as: Food and beverage, law, intellectual property, laundry, it, etc.. Hostmonster, US orange Internet, Ali cloud network, the new network, in the power and so on. There are related stations and other technical services, we hope to do, select the most suitable enterprise program.


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