Google Adwords skills Landing Page dynamic keyword insertion

you might be surprised that a lot of Affiliate can actually insert search keywords into his Landing Pages. I remember very early on when I knew little about programming and felt it was very technical. Once I’ve solved the puzzle for you, you’ll find it easy to just add a few lines of code to your page. There are many ways to automatically insert keywords into Landing Pages, and now I’ll teach you one of the easiest ways:

step 1

this step simply modifies the target address of your Google Adwords ad. At the end of your Adwords ad’s destination address, add keyword={keyword}.. For example, your advertising address is, and turn it into Kw={keywords}.

step 2

next, copy and paste the following code onto your Landing Page.

              < PHP?

this code will get access to the user search keywords, if there is no key words, will use the default keywords instead of "Main Keywords".

step 3

now puts the code in the place where you want to appear in the Landing Page keyword. Is it very simple? Focus on my blog and continue to share some good Affiliate skills.

Here are 3 examples:



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