How to make the search engine have a good impression on your website


read Taobao store "search engine to develop better have good service users, not to write your own thoughts. In the continuous development of the Internet today, people are accustomed to search engine find the information they need, because it is convenient and fast, the amount of information obtained is very large, for their own choice is very large.

therefore, search engines have become more and more user-friendly, and constantly close to the user’s search habits, pay more attention to the user’s experience. For the webmaster, the user is not our goal, there is a saying that the customer is God, then the search engine users is our customers, which is whether it is for personal Adsense or enterprise owners I think is no doubt.

now the enterprise is in the pursuit of profit maximization, enterprise website is the pursuit of customer conversion rate, we do not pursue personal Adsense? As a SEOER is to show our website as much information as possible in the search engine above, try to make our website information in the front row, exhausted quickly to contain our website information as much as possible transfer to the needs of customers, to achieve maximum benefits with the minimum cost. Visible, whether individual or enterprise in the pursuit of the same goal. So we should pay more attention to the customer experience. Because our information is through the search engine to transfer to the customer, so we have to focus on the experience of the site to search engines, friendly degree is the site to search engines, or liking the search engine on the web. Only when a search engine is friendly or a web site is good for a search engine does the spider often come to collect more information on the website.

then, how do you determine if a search engine is good for a website? Because the search engine is considered from the user’s point of view, it is not wrong to consider our website from the user’s point of view. The title of the website, keywords, description is not very readable, simply can not let the search engine, let customers come to your website you will know that this station is what to do, can not be a key content to your website will be able to find your site, then your contact. Some webmaster may say, now keywords, describe these can ignore, do not remember, because Baidu is not very attached to two aspects. I don’t quite agree with this view. Because existence is reasonable, keyword is the concentration of the essence of the content involved in your website. It is an important way for users to collect information. The description is a center of the enterprise website or summary, the customer is not to see, but the spider can see, if your description is accurate, clear, so the spider to your site will be enhanced. The title certainly not miss, because the content of the customer and the spider to see, a good title can attract the attention of the user, retain customers stay in your website, but the title should not be too long, generally not more than 50 characters. Otherwise, >

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