B2B vertical industry portal content strategy

article on the B2B industry in Jining vertical website business strategy should adhere to the "content is king" principle, and explains the B2B vertical industry website content strategy 6 aspects.

said, "content is king", perhaps we think more of television, news portal operations, in fact, the vertical industry B2B portal operating also can not escape the "content is king" principle. Whether it is the opening of the new industry website, or business old industry website; whether it is from the search engine optimization, user stickiness, marketing knowledge, or to meet the demand from the user, business model and other aspects, the content is always the foundation of all, this article from various aspects to explain in detail.

1, content total import — the first step of opening new industry website operation

I in "analysis" 6 main modes of industry B2B website in an article about the industry, the website of B2B is the main mode of product supply, join, project outsourcing, online trading, market information, industry community and other 6 kinds of mode, and in these models, both the construction industry network and how good how advanced is the main mode, users see the content, whether it is business information, industry knowledge, industry dynamics, belong to the content, not the content, it is like a shopping mall construction is very beautiful, but no goods, there is no meaning, no one to visit.

launched a new website, like new building shopping malls, we need to put the information into the website as far as possible, business information, business yellow pages, industry knowledge, industry dynamics of each section of the information, at least into more than 10 pages, allowing users to see the website as long as open, let the user first just trust the site, so as to further attract users to browse, registration, release information, finally become part of the user fee.

2, step by step, increase content — key point of website operation

, regardless of the visitors, search engines, are hoping that the site will continue to have new content, selling products, services, are relying on repeat customers. The same goes for websites, which rely on constant increases in the content of the site, and writing the day’s time to attract users to continue to visit the site, allowing users to access your site as a habit.


search engine, a bit of a website’s rating is the most important site is the gradual increase of new content, search engines crawl a site frequency, with frequency to increase the content of the new website, and the user search, the search results to a sort of rules the information is the time. A daily update (except holidays) website (original content to account for a certain proportion), will certainly get a lot of new users search engines. Site traffic will naturally rise day by day, and brand influence will be stronger day by day.

3, increase the content of non business opportunities >

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