Doing late work is also important

just read the article of the member of the forum behind the decline and wrote it very well…

website, post work is also very important, such as friends and exchange links, more to some good site publicity, find a little time enough network enthusiasts, site editing and moderators, and so on,

a little more technical content and original content, and more links to your web site search help. More publicity, allowing more visitors to know more about your site, a little more technical and original content, so that visitors like your site. In this way, the time will be many more fixed repeat customers, and at that time, basically do not have to go to SEO ah what. The content of the website went up, fixed visitor is much, so your website also is more successful. These are the more important things.

so, do website, equal to self-discipline, no practice home, do not go to rivers and lakes. How do you die, do not know how to die, and now the webmaster is equal to Chinese cabbage. I’m not, and I can only write a little something. Hope to you new Adsense have some small use,..

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