Dai Renguang tell me the story behind the encounter between Taobao 28 Street and Baidu index

has no intention to view traffic statistics, found directly through the flow more and more Baidu input "Taobao 28 Street" into the Taobao 28 Street website, so I checked the Baidu index, even one day nearly 100 people in search of my website, let me a little overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. Look at the pictures, because I didn’t say deliberately to do Baidu search volume, but did not think that there is a search volume of nearly 100 people, is also the first to my Baidu index data, accidentally will certainly exist, so today also want to share I think in "Taobao 28 Street" Baidu index of reason.



before 28 street was the "youth times" "information times" and "Wenzhou daily" the media reports, "Taobao search every 28 Street" to enter the website very much, but also does not appear in the Baidu index data, I think this may be some of the most popular events such as high as tens of thousands of people in the search. But the stability will be poor, reported after the search hot, people will be gradually reduced, and now hold, because so many people now do every day in the search, and is very stable, so it will be displayed in the Baidu index. I analyzed it for several reasons:

1: Taobao 28 street

is often mentioned in experience sharing

write in the blog to share the experience of the article, Taobao will be referred to the 28 street, because these articles will also be submitted to many webmaster website, online reprint is also very powerful, the coverage is very broad, with a blog message, everywhere you can see Dai Renguang’s article, because Taobao will share the experience mentioned 28 street take Taobao, even for the case of 28 street to share, to see an article will have a curiosity to see what is in the end to Baidu search site. This also shows that the soft is the way to make the Baidu search volume is very effective, but many webmaster in writing, always love to write into the web site, which usually makes readers disgusted, I either directly or by words, will add a link without WWW and address, the reader will naturally want to know to search.

2: Taobao 28 Street Shanzhai flooded

because before sharing once Taobao 28 Street static version of the source code, appeared on the Internet a lot of Taobao 28 Street site, but did not expect that, even the webmaster website doesn’t lead to change, appeared on the Internet a lot called Taobao 28 Street site, so I was very depressed, because many advertisers later and I said, several times almost mistaken. Fortunately, not heard of damage to the interests of advertisers, then stop the Taobao 28 source code download source code on the street, but also a good thing, think about it, again after the treatment provides the download, because I didn’t think that everyone’s enthusiasm so high, feel this code simple. Precisely because of the widespread spread of Shanzhai 28 street, I think this is for users to search Taobao 28 street to find websites

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