Lessons learned and summarized from the site PR3 dropped to PR0

is one of the important factors of the PR value constant of a web site. Its importance and function are self-evident. Recently, my site from PR3 down to PR0, make me on the PR value of the role of a deeper understanding. Hope to inspire everyone. I believe that the understanding of the SEO know the PR value of the role, size factors, but also know that it is very important. But what is the PR value in the GG algorithm really how much attention, probably most beginners are not very understanding. Well, let me tell you something about my website. The following conclusions are drawn from the following points:

one, phenomenon

is a rapid decrease in traffic,


used to be a PR3 site, it would bring nearly a thousand IP a day from GG. And reduced to 0, the daily GG to IP less than 300., indicating the PR value, to improve the weight of the website, improve the site ranking for very big help.

two is included in the rapid decrease,

before the site is PR3, GG included nearly 40 thousand, but after the current PR0, gradually reduced, only about 20 thousand.

two and analyze possible causes

, the website is closed for several days,

because the server has recently been seized, closed for more than 10 days, perhaps this is the main reason.

two is a chain of friends unstable!


many e-books similar sites did not check in for a long time, the death of many.

three, measures currently taken,

doesn’t necessarily work right away, but it works.

is looking for the same kind of high quality outer chain.

two is the maintenance, updating and maintenance of the network.

three is constantly check the internal links, to ensure the normal operation of the site.

summary, PR value was reduced to 0 Google is not terrible, especially in the chain with other friends may be in trouble. But as long as we face the difficulties and find the cause of the difficulties, we believe the difficulties will be overcome by us. I hope you will communicate with me more. I sincerely hope that the novel and electronic network will be your www.dzsbbs.com friends, so that we can improve together. For communication, please add qq:7557331.

starter, and only in A5, please keep the source post. Thank you

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