Local portal to renew the accumulation of customers

runs a portal, insisting that it is a necessary condition. Because persistence will bring about the accumulation of content, the accumulation of website weight, the accumulation of users and the accumulation of customers. These accumulation, "time" is a necessary condition.

below we will explain the method of customer accumulation, other accumulation is easier to understand.

customer accumulation, a most important manifestation is the "renewal", if the customer base will renew, site a year more than a year, with the advance of time, increase website traffic and users, our profit will increase the rate of conversion of year by year, to achieve a stable income.

We need to know about

for renewal 4 links:

1, confirm the basic attributes and selling points of the product, and achieve reasonable value matching

2, the uncertainty and randomness of the feedback effect, so that visual effects show

3, service is the key to renew, do the necessary

support service

4, cost accounting, appropriate feedback, let the customer wishes to renew the


the first point: to confirm the basic attributes and selling points of products, and to achieve reasonable value matching.

usually, when we renew for the customer, customer feedback is the most "no effect", "no", this time as a marketing staff, the first step is to establish the basic attributes and selling products. Let customers return to reasonable expectations.

for 2 examples:

such as yellow pages products, when we sold in the yellow pages, yellow pages is more a description of "release keywords", "network name card", "make it easier for customers to find you and understand you," the basic selling point of this product, the selling point, the price is 100~200 yuan per year. From this point of view alone, it can be fair and reasonable.

then the customer at renewal time, the first feedback is "no effect" and "no", is actually a natural effect of customer feedback based on the understanding of the customer is not wrong, everyone is like this, we include.

this time we need to let customers know is: 100~200 yuan of products, is unlikely to be enough, so that customers really feel useful (e.g., so that customers can directly feel the advertising effect, requires a lot of feedback, can ask customers what ads you have such an effect, as well as your investment cost).

At the same time to the customer to show the characteristics of

product: (do not think customers understand the product, the customer may have forgotten, or have forgotten why sell this product, because the price is too low, can not cause the customer real attention)

, A, yellow pages are mainly service level. Releasing keywords and making web cards is a powerful complement to other ads you are doing now. It’s very practical and very convenient

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