Wei Wei what kind of community is easy to fail

met with keso at a conference in Xiamen, and I asked a question whether the style of a community was determined by the operator or the user, and I had an answer: the operator. Keso, however, is biased towards being a user. Later, I issued this question on micro-blog, an answer has been recognized by keso: the style of operation determines the first batch of users, the first batch of users laid the community style.

there’s some truth to the answer, but I always feel the need to nag. A community style, the first group of users is very important, but it is entirely possible for the first batch of users, this community will no longer be able to get up.

One thing

should be wary of is that the community has become a "IT community."". Though I was removed from the IT ring, but I know that the topic of IT (in addition to Apple’s new mobile phone released such big events), most of the topic is very small, there are too many seemingly IT industry practitioners after work is not interested to discuss this matter. And usually do community of people from the Internet, some contacts in the circle (or know a so-called Montana circle), leading the group of friends into a community, it is perfectly possible to make a vertical field of IT community. Unless you start going to do this, otherwise this road is a crooked road.

‘s first batch of users is also very picky users, will make a lot of suggestions. As operators, it is worth noting that they ignore their suggestions. More importantly, how to ignore them without hurting their feelings. Although the online community usually means free services, it is ultimately a commercial product. And no product can "endlessly" meet user needs.

this has touched on the light and the details. I’ve always been rather vague about the phrase "the devil in the details.". The devil is actually heavy. The first user’s attention to detail sometimes misleads the operator and achieves perfection and perfection in a matter that doesn’t matter much. It only consumes a small amount of resources from a small start-up team.


successfully crossed the initial stage, after the community of users to the second and third batch, how to maintain and strengthen their own style? Keso has a good view: the bean products as operators to do the operation, while Sina micro-blog as a product to do. This means that watercress by pushing different products to defend and develop their own style. Watercress north, the so-called "watercress does not operate" behind, in fact, this means. But Sina micro-blog does not push more heavyweight products, but through operations (such as topic discussion, important user recommendations, delete posts, etc.) to strengthen their style. As can be seen, watercress is a technical thinking, sina is prone to human control – although the UGC community, but the two companies a big, small, decided what path they should adopt.


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