The real experiences and causes of Baidu K station

first is to say my website, Shenyang tourism network,, Shenyang tourism consulting website, has now been ruthless Baidu all K off!

!That is why

is K off, before a station is regular (or day) to received some news or information, because this update, before each update N message! The station was drop right, the station did not say, do not care no, that is to find their own information affected Baidu’s information! That is station with others own station of the same name, his early and are out of the K


No. 4.11, it is found that the flow down a lot, I would not be so, less than half, in the Baidu to see the result did not leave, sure 100% is the reason, so please pay attention to other webmaster, do not copy the Baidu news, Post Bar, to know, to avoid conflict with Baidu when will you the station is K off, but K or Google, Yahoo are normally included, now Baidu acquisition information also bold


, it is important to make Baidu original content, such as if the station information copying is not going to go inside to find Baidu, such as: Google, Yahoo can also find a lesson! Understand a truth


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