Since the media talent necessary 10 skills positioning pain point build your product

we all know that two years of hot "from the media", there have been like: Luo thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel, so that the marketing circle boiling case, the valuation of some reached $100 million. In the concept of many people, from the media is the WeChat public number, WeChat public number is from the media.

in 2015 from the media is still hot, and show the form is more diverse, now most people are using the WeChat platform for public subscription number, as well as the video from the media, since the channel plan Youku 10 billion promotion; audio media such as Himalaya, Lai, dragonflies FM All flowers bloom together.

so, how do you choose so many platforms,


this needs to be based on your own situation and expertise to choose a location, the media platform is just a content dissemination channels, the most important thing is that your content can bring value to others.

many users often ask me how to start from the media, I summarized here 10 kinds of necessary skills from the media, to share with you.

one, positioning: we need more aspects, different angles to locate customers, so my understanding is mainly the following 5 kinds of positioning:

1, positioning yourself: find your own field, and be proficient in this field. Mainly three points:

1.1, who am I,


1.2, what advantages do I have,


1.3, what value can I provide to others?

must first understand his strengths, delve into a field, become a model in the field, and become an expert figure. Do not think big and complete, proficient in what you have to do in the field, and whether you do that field, must be to do their own favorite, interested, because only you like you can do further.

remember to be an area where time becomes friends, that is to say, this thing will become more and more interesting as time goes on.

2, locate customers: select target customers

you need to know your customers is that kind of people, you ultimately want to service who are students, parents, workers, men and women, or service enterprises, or is the boss, you need to find out who your target audience is, once you have determined the customer groups, you can according to their life experience, personality and occupation screened the most refined for customers, you’d better get accurate customers as a characteristic.

3, locate the pain point: find the customer’s problem

know who your customer is, you have to find ways to find out what hurts them. You have to study your customers, find their needs, and provide them with solutions or products.

there are many ways to understand your customers’ pain, and here I share some of my equations for mining customer demand. This equation includes 4

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