Site traffic is not the only way to make money online

site traffic to earn money, it seems to have become a default rule for many webmasters. Many webmaster think, website to make money, to improve the flow from start; no traffic to the site can not earn money; to do is to do something a lot of traffic, no traffic site site seems to can’t do anything, actually this is a big mistake.

what I want to say is, do website to make money, do not begin from flow, but begin from setting up website brand image.

personal website is best at the way to pull traffic is nothing more than the following: BBS post, QQ mass, Baidu Post Bar posting, smashing money. Although these means a certain role in the short term, but it requires a lot of manpower and financial resources, and this kind of user traffic sources usually is short, can not stand the test of time, will not become a loyal user of the website, the more important point is that it is obviously in reducing website brand image.

before writing this article, I and a webmaster friend made communication, the king every day shuttle back and forth each big BBS community, by posting propaganda, traffic is pretty impressive. When asked about profits, the answer was "standing for nearly a year, earning less than $1000."". "An article I published before the local web site to make known to every family?" a place described in the web site:, the station is nearly a year, the main direction is an important promotion and portal site cooperation, business sponsorship activities, Internet cafes and other settings page. These methods have strengthened the brand image of the website to a certain extent, the public praise of the user is also good, rely on is the word of mouth marketing strategy of word of mouth. So far, the site’s monthly advertising revenue has reached 2K. But in comparison, the traffic is less than 5K.

wrote here, some people will ask why businesses will choose to advertise on your website? Before I was out of curiosity, this question asked a advertisers, get the answer only two words:


so, in the current many owners do not discount means, blindly pursue website traffic in the background, I would like to remind you that this article: the value of the site, the brand is always in the first place. Without a good brand, the life of a web site will not last long. Brand is the minimum requirement for an excellent website,


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