The devil is hidden in the details Web interaction buttons size things



when a product completes the core part of the requirements, we can slowly prepare to begin to study the details of the problem.


a product can talk about details on almost every level: it also includes what is visible and what is not visible. The details on the surface are simple. Take the time to do, to try, to make mistakes, to correct. But can not see the details such as product positioning, user experience and so on, often rely on long-term accumulation, empirical research and get user feedback, it is difficult to clearly understand exactly which side how to manufacture and modification.

I have done some graphic design, I deeply understand that "if things will be held by others, put the details, then each part of the details must be carefully pursued.". When a poster leaflet was printed and easily copied hundreds, thousands of copies, and then thousands of people, tens of thousands of people saw it and had to deal with every detail of the picture with care. Therefore designers often spend a whole afternoon, for no reason, it is just staring at the screen of the manuscript, slowly to fine tune the picture of each title, each font and color, size and spacing, spacing and kerning…… Wait。


also has been involved in some of the animation creation, deeply appreciate the "things if you want to move, need to take care of the details will be more": Ten deformation rule, objects such as animation landing (the objects of different materials, different animation styles also affect the performance of deformation degrees), character animation when performing the preparatory action…… And so on, although do not do not affect the overall performance, but the lack of just let the viewer feel less flavor.



, while participating in the production of user interfaces. Once again, a deep understanding of "if something can interact with the user, then need to worry about the details of the more redoubled.". Because we can never expect what time the user will do something beyond what you expect.

pursuit of detail is time consuming work, but we must have the attitude of pursuing details,

Interactive details of the


uses the most common interactive element on the page: the button, the buttons on the page generally contain three interactive effects, namely: Normal, Hover, and Active (Pressed). In general, a web designer uses three images to make the difference (whether using three separate pictures or using CSS Sprite).

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