Talking about the bitterness of clicking on an undertaking

I have realized that I am becoming a successful webmaster, so I write a few words to describe my experience as a master station and share with my friends in order to make new progress.

I do a very short time, to apply for a simple web site from the beginning of the free space there, is engaged in writing, made about 100 thousand, is too little, this year; then please hand design their own website, writing is still standing, earned $500 thousand, is still doing although, for several versions, but the camera is still writing, earned $1 million, now I still remember I used to walk the road, remember that a few worthless sites, without them, what to


I really appreciate, today, I just started to choose their own design,, found that there is a big gap between the design, if not found the love code 123, perhaps still feet strong, using advanced, direct code, modified, it was found that this is how good things, this is what a convenient condition so, decided to the site, in fact, now many of my friends have taken me this idea, the first reference after modification, in order to meet the actual needs of users, so that is not easy, a word.

I made a point of view, if you want to start, you must first feed yourself, don’t expect what VCs will suddenly love you, give you a lot of money, this is not realistic, instead you must adhere to the independent, to feed themselves can have a venture capital investment risk, which will raise money to himself the website? No, so not to risk investment must be independent, like a flock of ducks, this is what I want to say a few words. If you have ideas also think of me, then come on hero, really good.

love 123 Master Zhu


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