Du Zhenjiao’s small and medium web site is chosen to help users experience the space of the website

in recent years, although the world economy has been seriously damaged, but the domestic Internet start-ups boom has entered another upsurge, more and more enterprises and individuals to enter the gold industry. However, as the website is going to be on the line, there is a problem that appears in front of us. That is the problem of the stability of the website space. I believe we all know, a site is stable, directly affect your customer experience and search engine to your weight, so if you choose a suitable space to get more user experience is imminent. The following I will introduce to you how to find a conducive to user experience in the website space.

1: the choice of the nationality of the space server.

generally, if your customers are to domestic users, then the site of course on the internal server, and if your customers to foreign users, it is best to arrange space in foreign server. But, actually, we have to do something against most probably it did not actually happen, for example, for domestic customers to stand on foreign space, and some do not understand the foreign trade enterprises, even the website space at home, so we must be based on their own user groups make space server choice of nationality.

two: how to choose domestic space?.

I was in Jiangsu, if my client is based in Jiangsu, you can put the server in Jiangsu of Nanjing, of course, can also be placed in Beijing and Shanghai, where are the main node of the network, the node selection can make our customer site, in a relatively short period of time to open so, retain customers, is so simple.

three: server line selection.

because of a problem situation, has formed the North South China Netcom Telecom pattern, so your site where, we must first look at your local area, but sometimes the choice is not absolute, such as in the junction area of Telecom and Netcom, like the northern region of Jiangsu, although the telecommunications area, but Netcom users is quite much, so we should choose a double space, this is more advantageous to our website speed.

four: the use of space options to capture potential customers.

website now, almost any industry, any one of the domain area, there will be competition, some local competitors even very strong, so we should choose in the space for avoiding them. For example, you do a few good website industry rankings, is the site on the local, and are single words, then we can put our choice of space for the two or even choose to have railway lines of space radio, so that we can capture this part of different priority line network users, and these users will be your site of profit.

in general, the location of the space is very important in the user experience, and if there is no good user experience, the search engine will also reduce your weight

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