Know about CEO week source never stand in God’s perspective

no one can say that’s the only way to do it right.

because in the real world there is no way to evaluate the other in an equivalent way.

six years ago, Zhou Yuan as a journalist, full of excitement. across the ocean, first came to Silicon Valley. Today, Zhou source to serial entrepreneur identity, full of excitement. came here again. People mention him and usually mention an identity, almost CEO.

is almost an intellectual question and answer community, which is a defining statement. The obvious difference from other communities is that the social relationship between users is based on a question and answer discussion. In particular, a high quality of the respondents, more easily through the characters, the distinction of personal independence of conduct or flashes, harvest identity and satisfaction.

‘s sense of identity and satisfaction add equally to knowing, or even exceeding, self imagining.

, for example, this week, the source led to the United States to do propaganda, a station will be located in the Stanford University in Silicon Valley, a station at Columbia University in New York. Before setting out, I knew the team was relatively upset about the activity in Silicon Valley, but the situation was unexpected. The Stanford University, which organized the event in the Yellow Sea, said it was initially expected to register only 50 people, up to four times the figure.

in fact, over the past year, is known to almost four years since its inception, the fastest growing period of time: knows the community more than 10 million registered users, an increase of ten times, more than one million daily active users, the mobile terminal launched a new mobile phone App to know almost daily from 0 to more than 15 million downloads, know almost daily single the amount of reading can reach 50-60 million……

knows that the original two years strictly enforced not open registration, only accumulated 400 thousand registered users. Phase contrast shows the difference. "Even so, that’s the result of restraint," says Bai Jie, vice president of consumer growth, who knows that he doesn’t pursue high inflation. So, in a sense, it is also a "slow" company.

, this has something to do with Zhou’s character. Li Zhuoer witnessed the source of the week from the programmer switched to reporters, followed by the two entrepreneurial process. In his words, the current source of the week compared with the original just graduated, more low-key, calm. Li Zhuoer, who lives in the United States, uses the word "Extremely" to describe it.


users still worried, afraid to know the community, because of the huge influx of new residents and taste. This is well understood, there is a week source and know almost another co-founder Zhang Liang Jobs went to the house but was recalled, Jobs neighbors too many outsiders to drive a gun, causing interference to the residents in the same community with Jobs.

but restraint does not mean that you know you are willing to be a small and beautiful community. Zhou said his next goal was to serve one hundred million users. In his future description of sina technology,

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