The development prospect of SMS joke network

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SMS jokes network (SMS jokes network, happy sharing)

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since 1990s, modern communication technology and Internet technology have developed rapidly all over the world, and have profoundly influenced and changed people’s life. A variety of ways of communication, anytime and anywhere exchange, arbitrary selection of information, personalized custom service…… This is the new life brought about by the information age. At the same time, the process of network digitization is also changing the traditional mode of operation of the industry, the media industry bear the brunt.

in this context, the text joke network was established in October 2008. SMS jokes are in-depth discussion and Research on mobile network communication technology, the fixed network of information technology and Internet technology, will be fully committed to the wireless value-added services and networks, such as TV and radio communication technology and industry technology of combining the product development, technology consulting and information consulting service etc.. At the same time, the purpose is happy net SMS jokes share, advocating "entertainment technology into" wireless data applications and wireless value-added service provider, is committed to the integration of wireless technology, wireless content service, wireless technology based value-added service to business users and individual users.

market analysis

1, market overview:

According to

statistics, last year a total of nearly 80 billion China Mobile users to send text messages, the research also shows that the Pyramid research company, to 2007 China SMS revenue will exceed $17 billion, Chinese SMS market showed enormous profit potential and development. All of this with the domestic network operators to fully support the separation of short message service is not open, hundreds of message platform for content providers, Everfount provides news, finance, securities, entertainment and other fresh information for mobile phone users, offers a variety of customized services, so that each level people can find their own information. At present, in addition to text messages, multimedia messages have entered the line of sight of people, high quality multimedia information including pictures, sounds, video clips, mobile phone through a simple operation easily realize the sharing and communication.

2, competitor analysis:

domestic SP currently falls into two main categories. One is the website ICP, which provides SMS value-added services based on the information superiority of the website itself. The more famous are mobile QQ, TOM and sina. The other is to do the wireless application service based SP, such as Linktone, PR network etc..

SP provides all kinds of content is similar, mainly including: news, life, tourism, financial services and other information; email, calendar, phone book and other personal information management services; stock trading, mobile phone banking, lottery, payment, ticketing and other mobile e-commerce; games, ringtones download, Download Image, jokes, chat and other entertainment services.

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