‘ve fought and don’t have to grow up in the mountains

"I fought, and I didn’t have to."". I think the man should have this mentality, anxious is the site of the taboo. No one would have thought of using the free space established in September 2005 and the mountain forum. After three years of struggle and three years of storms, it has become the largest student community in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.

was admitted to Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in from Hunan in 2003. He knew nothing about computers at that time. He had to use his spare time to soak himself up in the computer room of the school. Then find a lot of seniors in the school forum exchanges and learning, but good times don’t last long 04 years when, for some reason, the school closed forum. Since then, more than 10 thousand students in the school have lost their freedom of communication and communication platform. At that time, I was able to rebuild the forum of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology if I wanted to do it. So I took the opportunity of elective courses, chose the webpage design and production, and started the road of my network.

after more than a year of trial and error, and finally in the beginning of the 05 year of school, relying on their own meager strength, once again set up and hill forum. At that time, because there is no money to buy space and international domain name, have to go everywhere to apply for free space and can bound domain name free two domain name. Also because the use of mobile network forum procedures, encountered any problems, no one can consult. Have to learn the ASP program while managing the publicity forum. The use of spare time, friends and students around the development of the first batch of members of the forum. But since the forum has just been built, the content of all the plates is empty, even friends and classmates can not attract them, continue to stay in the forum. Have to change tactics, spend a few hours every day to enrich the content of the forum, day after day, adhere to the update, relying on the accumulation of slowly. More than a month later, the basic data of the forum began to guarantee, and slowly began to have a few friends fixed in the forum.

forum basically established after began to think of large-scale publicity, so their own money printing leaflets, to every corner of the school to paste "Xian leather". But the effect is not very obvious, later found because the application is free two level domain name, web site is too hard to remember, forget the students read, know the situation immediately after the first application for the domain name www.h3bbs.com. The international domain name did not think advertising effects were immediate, members began to increase slowly, but happy too early, overnight by the Propaganda Department of the school to call security cleared, in the coming days are brutally murderous end security. This matter began to try other ways, then met a friend to play the domain school, two people go around the business contact, found an Internet cafe, their computer home page set to and the mountain forum, we help them in the forum propaganda.

forum traffic began to soar, but free space began to bear the Internet to bring traffic, but out of living expenses to buy space charges, members of the forum and post data began to slowly increase, Dvbbs Database > Access

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