Share my site optimize the whole process 11 stations experience summary

said that under the first grade: domain name before the search engine K, I spent a lot of time in the collection of Yangzhou website, now, Yangzhou network company, Yangzhou website design, Yangzhou website design are Baidu top 5, Yangzhou website Baidu natural top 10 (the title does not contain the keyword). The word "website construction" is now being optimized and is currently ranked more than 80. Some people say that with regional words to optimize, do this line of people should be clear.

now start from the site, the first to determine the style of the site, and then design a good map of the site, before making the site to determine the target keyword. I mainly optimize Baidu, in the Baidu index check the key word, Yangzhou website construction, Yangzhou network company (convenient after optimization, without regional words). Then, in the process of making web sites, key words are nested in a reasonable location. I have been working in the Internet company for 2 years, and I have my own set of procedures, so it is faster to build a website. For better optimization, home page with DIV+CSS do, afraid of trouble inside pages with Table do. The advantage of using DIV+CSS is that the website opens faster, has less nested, and has less code redundancy, which is beneficial to spider crawling. (PS: if you don’t know how to use DIV+CSS, you can contact me and provide a simple program for you. As long as you understand HTML language, you will see it.).

site produced, began to choose domain name, election space. The domain name easy to remember as long as you can, of course, to check whether the K domain name predecessor, or included when a little trouble. Space is very important. It must be safe, stable and fast. Otherwise, you will not get a good ranking, serious will be down right, K station. (PS: you can consult me about the space problem, and you can provide several service providers for your reference.).

domain name, space got, upload the website program up, at this time do not submit the site to the search engine, because the station is not a complete station. I spent 3 days to fill up the content of the website, and then check whether there is death, the most taboo death chain optimization, the website must check before submission. Then submit to the search engine. If you want to search engine quickly included your station, I offer a method: in search engine search a keyword, must search not many results, best is to search the result. As far as my station is concerned, I wrote an article "one thousand, 30 nights", focusing on the theme of my website. When you have done it, publish some links to the spider’s usual spot. Then use the flow tool brush. Brush what? Brush search engine search, "one thousand, 30 night" url. I brush the day, about more than 300 IP, second days, Baidu included my station. (this method not overdo sth.).

included regularly updated web site article, the article content around your keyword write, keyword with links to your home page or inside page, your web site with links constitute a big net. Spiders use links to crawl, so the advantage is that spiders come in and crawl in your station

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