What should a failed webmaster do

webmaster about Baidu is love and hate, love is with Baidu you make a lot of money, even crazy money, hate is this crazy Baidu is to let you short, climax is often short-lived. Good things such as love too,

you www.admin5.com fans have time Baidu " Shenzhen detective " you will see the first page is how crazy, detective " " Roewe; the station with his strength and skill to let Baidu impressed. Baidu had to do not let him sit in the first.


SEO, network marketing, Internet marketer, the name is used to describe a webmaster action. But what is the real master? Is the webmaster network graph king, or that Wang Tong, or now " rape " Baidu " Roewe detective ", really make money is not the master at the height of their cry, they do is good at home and watch that amount of money money package,

, we don’t have money makers. What can we do,


personally feel that the following are;

a lot, try not to be afraid of wrong

two, stick to it, that’s not to say,.

three, learn to copy, of course not just ctrl+c, innovation in replication is the most important.

four combines the world in the network with the world in reality..

five, be confident! This is the first thing. I believe it will be successful!


of course, there are many, there are time to communicate with each other.

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