feel the Tao do keep on keeping on

through the network, newspapers and so I contacted Amoy off this industry, actually this is not an industry, a network advertising model just by Ali Mama launched


has been operating for a month now, and it’s hard to find it. The first time I heard "guest" the strange words, my heart is full of curiosity, have grown to love, did not expect to make money, just a long-term interests and the construction of this website. Start station when check data, do the planning, at the same time www.taoke520.cn this domain has also been thinking things over to the application, start would have named "Amoy I love you taoke520.cn, then think the site should have more development, should have a decent name, which is named" Tao China".

in order to save costs, I just bought a 100M hosting space, this space is actually linked to the 3 station in there, has been a serious overload was going to collapse, hehe! Website building up, mainly display and promotion of goods, to put on the website advertising, through the Ali Mama advertising, soon advertisers to advertise on the site, check the income of their own, although only a few cents, but my heart is still very happy, because I see the website does not appear everywhere "advertising investment", at least there are still a lot of people concerned about the web site. After the majority of users through the website statistics to see is not a commodity search to access the site, but often from the skills of a series of articles to Amoy website, so I think the website has become inevitable, after it launched half a month on the site, the modified version of the site, and buy a space independent operation of the website, add Amoy related skills and other articles, the main page layout or Amoy commodity display, also insisted on a daily updated website.

every day I watched my website traffic trends and guest promotion income, see income is still 0 yuan, disappointed but did not give up this morning as usual to see my income, yesterday (September 1st) the success of the first commercial website promotion commission records, the heart happy strength not to mention! I now had in mind, or to adhere to the site carefully run, no matter how hard.

traffic is not high at the moment, but my confidence is doubled,

(www.taoke520.cn) Chinese Amoy welcome, welcome guest

communication skills!

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