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as music as the core of overseas ecological plate, as the music of the United States can inevitably be involved in this negative storm. In the past few months, as the United States has been under the shadow of mass layoffs, it has fallen into various unfavorable reports. Some of these negative reports come from the American media, some from the Chinese media; some are insider breaking, and some are official news; some have been subsequently confirmed and some have been confirmed untrue.

The so-called Before

millet personnel system mainly contains 7 core founders, department leaders, employees three levels. At the three level, only 7 founders have jobs, and the rest are engineers. Each founder is responsible for a business segment. In Millet unique management model, products, marketing, hardware, electricity providers, these business sections do not interfere with each other, each force. Once a team is a little bigger, millet will start splitting up, and strive to maintain the original >

technology in the United States LETV American reporter contacted the person in charge of public relations, and interviewed some China and foreign and former employees, efforts in this field Rashomon as possible truly reflects the shadow of the United States as layoffs real situation. Since the employees were not authorized to interview the media, anonymous processing was required.

from 2014 to 2016, the ambitious dreamer, Jabba, spent more than two years achieving his "North silicon Rockwell three headquarters strategy," in American technology


in many ecological capital poor helpless reality, also in Sun Hongbin’s continued public pressure, before indulging in ecological dream Jia Yueting only began to pick up a scalpel, to burn the non listed part of its business started to streamline the adjustment. Just last week, the continuous loss of a large number of core copyright music, sports began large-scale layoffs, downsizing scale reportedly reached 70%. And Jia Yueting himself, also announced on the weekend resigned as general manager of music network, as chairman of the identity focused on strategic thinking".

in view of millet and Iqiyi, the United States and the group’s two marriage, millet exposure in recent days is not low. I also once again focus millet, so loyal friend Wang Bin’s "reading a book" millet decryption. This book by the Internet IT senior prophet Wang Bin pseudonym rock heart book, a detailed analysis of the millet company was born into the whole process of the development, and how to create millet 4 years an alarming 160 times valuation; analyzes how to fan marketing, millet hunger marketing, thinking of the Internet as the implementation of the strategy; prediction of millet the future development trend and may face competition. Anyone feeling is quite deep, also have a little humble opinion. I think, Millet’s success is not accidental, but win in the management and channels.


since November last year, Jia Yueting, founder of music recognized the company’s funding problems, he created the music as a whole ecosystem business has been in crisis storm of public relations. Many negative news continues to affect almost all the ecological subsidiaries of the music company, while the core of the overwhelming majority of negative reports point to the same problem – shortage of funds.

flat management, by reducing administrative levels, departments and agencies, compression and downsizing, between the enterprise decision-making layer and the operation layer can reduce the middle management level, in order to make the enterprise fast to the front lines of production, marketing and extension of decision-making power of enterprises, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the establishment of the new management model of elastic.

however, there is a question that can not be avoided in the United States is LETV in its revenue is not sufficient to guarantee the status quo of the existing large-scale team, LETV America operating funds from the vast majority of domestic music holdings. If the music has been insufficient funding to support other ecological, Jia Yueting also is still in the market development period of American music have much patience? Once LETV decided to control domestic spending, so as to cut the United States will undoubtedly throttle.

in other words, when an enterprise expands, the most effective way is not to increase the management level, but to increase the management scope. As the management scale increases, the form of organization in Pyramid is compressed into a "flat" shape. The existing organizational structure of millet is the best interpretation of "flat management model". Why do you say, we can see from the millet personnel system?.

since November this year, millet has invested Youku and Iqiyi, for content construction, and teamed up with Jin Shanhe Temasek to $295 million stake in the domestic cloud platform providers century internet. In December, millet confirmed with the United States reached a strategic cooperation, the domestic traditional white giant’s first large-scale investment. Millet’s success is not accidental, but won in the management and channels.

, Jia Yueting’s frenzied investment and subsidies to music, mobile phones, sports, the United States and other businesses brought a brief boom, but also to the subsequent development of these businesses buried bitter pill. Real estate tycoon Sun Hongbin shares to Jia Yueting and music brings 16 billion 800 million yuan of hope, but also to Jia Yueting’s music as a whole ecological dream poured a spoonful of cold water. From the first day shares, Sun Hongbin publicly outspoken critic of music as part of the ecological crazy burn behavior is "Crazy", that do Jia Yueting car business and other "sold the sell".

compared to other Internet companies, millet can be called "geek management". Generally speaking, for the sake of safety, most of the newly born enterprises will conform to the management style of Pyramid type. After all, the personnel organizations of Pyramid type have certain advantages in the aspects of clear responsibilities and gradual management. However, millet from the date of birth to abandon this traditional view, pushing flat management.

Jia Yueting’s American expansion dream

1, abandon Pyramid, push flat

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