265 president and CEO Cai Wensheng speech at the webmaster Conference ChartBacked by the king of glo

listing before the game on more than once an additional, introduced Huarong, Haitong, Shun, Zhongyuan and other four brokerages.

is strange is that this seems to reap the benefits of the company, from 2017 since March, the stock price had tumbled, has fallen more than 60%.

There is such a company,

is talking about more games 834054, the Shanghai mobile game media.

after 2016, the glory of the king as the representative of the mobile game heat unabated, more games, and even direct on-line for King glory exclusive APP, providing Raiders, video, community, welfare and other services.

2016 annual report shows that when the game more operating income of 185 million yuan, an increase of 202%; net profit of 16 million 450 thousand yuan, an increase of 1256%.

The rapid development of the

and the new force of the game live on demand platform, and to host the State Sports General Administration of the Chinese E-Sports gaming mobile Carnival events, games and scenery of a year.

which includes Shanda’s tour of Jia investment, private chenchuang kikinda Feng, and the last two days the Tencent has a strategic stake in the palm interested in science and technology etc..

new three board concept is good, is called "Mobile Games media first unit"; the performance did not say more, 2016 operating income increased 200%, net profit soared 1200%; and the most popular mobile phone game of the glory of the king of blessing…… Can reap the benefits.

it’s a pleasure to be able to come to Xiamen today and have a happy gathering to attend the second China webmaster conference. Last year at this time, we held the first China webmaster conference in Xiamen. The conference was a success, and many media commented on the personal Adsense as a new force in the internet. Today, I saw many old friends and many new faces at the webmaster meeting. This is also a welcome phenomenon, indicating that in the past year, many personal websites have made leaps and bounds. I said at the DoNews conference in Beijing 6th anniversary that today’s webmaster conference in Xiamen is a grassroots hero rally. China’s Internet economy is inseparable from the grassroots, grassroots can also create history. All of you here are heroes in the grass roots. You represent millions of personal websites in China. You are the best and the best. You can see the hope and the future from you.


: the first Internet industry to accelerate the development of the construction of many categories of personal websites are quickly to mainstream sites close, both in number and the quality of view, the current personal website is the best period since the Internet industry entered the China. I think such a change is affecting the development of the Internet industry as a whole change, but such a change is only just a beginning.

therefore, more than a month after listing, December 21, 2015, the game more transfer mode changed to make market transfers, the first batch of four market makers for the above four.

and start from the listing, the game shares also began to slowly.

fell 60%

2016 net profit growth of 1256%

second: last year’s webmaster meeting is now just one year, and a lot of changes have been made in the year

respected Secretary General Huang Chengqing, distinguished director of the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, director Xu Pingdong, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

I must first congress organizer of the 265 network technology Beijing Co., Ltd., to extend a warm welcome to the participating leaders and guests, but also to express our heartfelt thanks to all the concern and support of the leadership of the general assembly and friends from all walks of life.

I also started personal websites, so I feel excited and excited about personal attention and attention. After a year of development, the webmaster of individual website once again gathered together, will more effectively promote integration and communication, for the construction of a more harmonious network and even a harmonious society to contribute.

, a shareholder of this company, has a very small background.

performance growth so fast, but also commendable, many games investors must be happy to open flowers.

mobile phone game industry benefited from the March 2016 game to produce its first report card listing: 2015 operating income of 61 million 150 thousand yuan, an increase of 390%; net profit of 1 million 210 thousand yuan, an increase of 143%.

below is the full text of his speech:

according to forum gentleman understanding, it mainly provides game information, download, welfare, Raiders, video and other services, in November 10, 2015 in the new three board listing, then the transfer of the agreement for the transfer.

April 25th, 2006, China webmaster forum and the second congress will be opened at Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel. This forum is sponsored by China Internet association, and 265 network undertakes

, its main profit model is to gain revenue by charging game providers and other advertising fees on the game media platform, and subsequently increasing the game transaction revenue.

gathered so many excellent websites and excellent people in the Internet industry today, it should be a very difficult opportunity. After several years of opening and development, the development of China’s Internet websites is moving from spontaneous to conscious. I think there are several ways to see this transformation:

for three months

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