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why do cosmetics industry,

it’s not difficult to open a supermarket in the urban fringe, as long as you do a superficial research on potential consumers. For example, supermarket products to middle and low, with the daily household category mainly reduced fresh species, because fresh put forward higher requirements for supermarkets, such as logistics, storage, and operation cost is greater, the category decreased, reduce the combination of urban and rural supermarket operation difficulty. What you need to think about now is how to extend to the line, there are two extension directions, online access to customers and suppliers. In recent years, I have also come into contact with some customers who want to establish an independent online mall, and I often ask them why they don’t take Taobao’s line. Now I see, these customers do retail department stores online. Whether Taobao or Tmall, for the on-line category are restricted, so can not be all categories are moved to the Internet, can also choose each category independent shop, but the cost will increase, so they want a "Tmall". The result is ten with nine defeats. This shows that the offline supermarket is almost impossible to get consumers from the line. Then choose the second and get the provider from the line. Taobao market has a large number of sellers, including both manufacturers, but also dealers, but forced by Taobao optimize costs, many even if transferred to the line, still no sales. They are the suppliers of my supermarket. At present, the general goods in my supermarket are from the sellers of Taobao.

two, cosmetics trends


three, cosmetics >

How does

what is the real meaning of O2O? Is a product of a businessman, I can buy from online, just near my house. The business also has a store, I go out to buy, online and offline, Renjunxuanze, this is O2O? But if you are, I don’t you need to, or store in a slum, can not afford. The so-called "O2O" is nothing but an armchair strategist. That is not to say that O2O must now experience online orders, payment, such as the purchase of furniture, furniture really need this, but not all goods have to experience consumption? Especially the FMCG industry, is not fun O2O



so in my opinion, the so-called "successful O2O" doesn’t just mean experience, payment and logistics, but the important kernel is the two things: demand and emotion.


beauty is the pursuit of any woman’s life, no matter how economic ability, often on hand will have some basic types of skin care products, make-up. You can see if the woman around me is like this. I have a customer, often buy perfume, and the number is generally about two bottles, the actual situation is that a 30ML bottle of perfume for ordinary women, can be used for at least a quarter of the basic monthly customer buy different kinds of perfume, explain what the problem? The other customers older. Special joy HR skincare, her skin and think about the cooperation after two required to our skin care function, said as long as there is HR new arrivals, must notify her, as long as the notice and details of a case, ninety-five percent will buy.

one, beauty heart, everyone has, cosmetics are consumables, necessities

many webmasters think the current traffic is becoming more and more difficult to do, union, GG, SP…… The price is getting lower and lower, has been hovering around the issue of profit on the site except experts. A few years ago, had a network of professionals pointed out: the website or the best way of future earnings is the network entity object and combination; second, now the electronic commerce in Chinese are rising quickly, do not you see Taobao seller number, some sellers profit rich phenomenon? Don’t you see professional B2C after spring bamboo shoots is based on the network? Don’t you see more and more traditional companies began to take cities and seize territory on the Internet? Do we have for personal webmaster, technology and promote the advantages of the There is nothing comparable to this which is the cornerstone of the network, survival, and power drive powerful, and the advantages of traditional enterprises is only goods and their distribution network entity, does not have the ability to fight with the owners on the internet. So, personally think and firmly believe that, as long as the webmaster has the right source of goods channels, combined with their own advantages, will be in the Internet profitable Road, blaze a piece of their own world. This will easily jump out of the flow – looking for transformation – low income cycle.

meet demand

if the product use value, price, quality and to meet consumer demand, the use of O2O mode, to a certain extent break business geographical restrictions, to get more consumers, but also to consolidate local consumers. If we can use the O2O model to strengthen consumer ties, we can increase customer stickiness at lower costs and get more repeat customers. To achieve the above two points, is the value of the O2O model.

below, I will be in my operation of a city and countryside union supermarket case, to explore the connotation of O2O.

. More and more women join the ranks of petty bourgeoisie, the internationally renowned make-up brands in their eyes is no longer mysterious, and gradually to contact, use, and finally become a make-up pad standing things. The imported cosmetics such as ANCOMEHRBIOTHERM its popularity with the media, and the use of petty personal report and so on factors combine to lead more white-collar workers to participate in the consumer groups. Large user groups, good spending power, for these groups to provide world famous brands of cosmetics, do not want to make it difficult. Taobao, for example, cosmetics category in the full Taobao sells the best goods in the top

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy has been growing well and the information has become more open to the

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