The launch of Alipay medical service platform Hospital of the future into the 3 phasePlus 360 laps


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ant gold service innovation and Smart Services Department General Manager Wang Bo said: "different from other mobile medical service providers, Alipay focused platform, medical and health services and content of all from partners and medical institutions, medical service platform of Alipay is open, as long as meet the entry conditions, welcome to have a good reputation and brand awareness in the industry partners can be settled in the platform to provide services for users."

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second is to activate the whole ecology of medical services, with the advance of medical reform, through the Internet to complete the electronic prescription, the nearest drug distribution, referral Medicare reimbursement in real time, real-time application of commercial insurance to pay all the links, activate the entire medical community ecology.

May 9th, Alipay announced its ant payment service for individual users launched a one-stop medical service platform. In addition to the integration of Alipay has been registered for treatment and other services, the user through the platform can also obtain health consultation, health services, maternal and child health information, financial and other 15 health management services. It is reported that these services are provided by more than 1500 public hospitals and 15 medical and health start-ups.

according to reports, Hang Seng Yun Tai as the "medical service platform" the only co – building side, itself is also one of the providers of services on the platform. The 15 partners on the platform for medical services come from various areas of medical segmentation services. More than 1500 public hospitals registered medical service from the previous Alipay access and the registration service platform; ask the doctor by Ali, micro medical health, good doctor online, mommy know other well-known platform; Intelligent Prognostics is a good life group based on the Mayo Clinic of the Mayo health medical knowledge development; organ donation by China organ transplantation development fund to provide services. In the future, there will be more institutions involved.

the third stage is to build a large data based health management platform, combined with cloud computing capabilities, cooperation and wearable device manufacturers, medical institutions, government health departments, jointly build a large data based health management platform, to achieve transition from treatment to prevention.


for the past 3 years, more than 1500 public hospitals joined Alipay "Hospital of the future", the cumulative service of more than 300 million people, "

in early 2014, Alipay released on the release of the future hospital plans to officially open the way to enter the field of medical and health. The plan includes three stages: the first stage to help the hospital establish mobile medical system, the scheme of ability and ability to solve the financial data and payment ability, Alipay mobile open platform, combined with various types of ISV, the cooperation of the hospital to build smart patient-centered medical platform, help hospital from registration, waiting, hospital navigation, payment, to check the report, the doctor-patient interaction of the whole process of mobile medical services, improve patient experience.

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