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indeed, angel investors pay close attention to the high yield possible, so they want to lower the price to buy your future shares — especially in the convertible bond financing can be used in the form of case. But equity is only a subsidiary gain for them, or a result of landing.

do I like their products,


, for example, the Nanjing roadshow center, has become a local entrepreneurial landmark, condensing a full version, or almost all of the elements of an ecosystem of entrepreneurial services.


at the same time, those who really belong to the incubator public record space operators, have involved in such a time node of a major reshuffle of the incubator, such as investment background, Hong Thai incubator, real estate background Hugo workshops, and the media community background of the 3W space and so on, following the 3W incubator upgrade 3W space began a nationwide distribution after landing gem venture has decided to intensify the dark horse dark horse, "public record space" landing, the public record brand "black street play center recently rapidly throughout the country to open flowers, has become a force to join the business incubator is an important ecological operation, and force characteristic.

is different from the Hong Tai, Hugo workshop, 3W space is the dark horse of the entrepreneurship public record space — black street play center, the starting point of the gene from the dark horse of the entrepreneur entrepreneurial community, the basic foundation is the entrepreneurial community, so people around the core and set up the public record space from the brand. The essence is more consistent with the entrepreneurial process, the entrepreneur is the game’s protagonist and the main characteristics of the origin, have many differences in any other category of public record space between different brand core point.

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therefore, angel investors will ask themselves, "

" struck the earth, various social forces to participate in the management of the tide, many professional threshold for entrepreneurial services higher also indifferent, also led to business services and business around the project land bubble, especially the incubator of the bubble, however, with some speculative nature of the incubator collapse of the crazy incubator market operators return to reason, upgrading of the incubator in succession.

," before making a decision

as an entrepreneur, you’d better give the answer to the question if you want to improve your chances of getting an investment, or to give an investor a digital, attractive check. Angel investors are bound to do enough homework before deciding to give money


do I like this team,

first roadshow center is the dark horse community organization carrier landing daily operations in the local community, is a line of social platform, and external, presented in the form of a social platform that often appear in the coffee business. >

what they are doing is more popular with users than the next "cornflakes",

can I accept the market they’re aiming for,

, your product,

your team,


market environment

, "we still know how to start a business, and we still end up in business.". But imagine that if angel investors were investing in your company and your future, why would he invest in the vast majority of startups that would have been virtually impossible to predict?

let’s put a little bit of valuation aside and change the scene. Imagine you walk into a supermarket and you need to make a choice between 20 types of cornflakes that are priced at the same time. How will you make decisions? For angel investors, you and your competitors are like corn flakes on shelves. So how exactly do they choose to invest? Generally, they are based on the following four elements:

pioneering dark horse "black road performance center" is what Dongdong

How attractive is

editor’s note: Aramando Biondi, author of this article, is co founder and COO of Facebook’s advertising management optimization platform, AdEspresso. He had been involved in the creation of Pick 1 and the other four non technology companies, and data analysis software Mattermark and ten other start-up companies, angel investors, and Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups partner. In this article, he analyzes the standards of angel investors choosing startups and what they really want from these companies.

in the development planning of entrepreneurs horse in the focus of the next step is the dark horse of the public record space landing, and a public space that a foreign brand is the "black street play center", a collection of black community member of the family, and the mobile platform and a roadshow project incubation function as one of the spatial entity, with distinct characteristics.

for an angel investor, startups are competing with hundreds, even thousands of rivals. Each of them, noting that each has a valuation of $3 to $6 million, and a handful that could reach 8 million.

The "double

at the macro level, the nationwide "black street play center" is such a dark horse business to provide services for corporate, business service support platform of various business floor, is also the entrance channel of various business service object under the line, is the public record space brand from other brand core competitive advantage is the dark horse community daily basis of community operation line club.


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