Talk about sh419 shlf1314 Ali mom’s three major advertising alliances and networksGrassroots Cai


and Lei Jun, Li Kaifu and so on, compared to the total feel of CAI’s body less what.

to do business transformation, such as Lei Jun, just acquaintances; returnees such as Li Kaifu, Kochi, just for the scientific verification mode; there is nothing passion pie, cast; Cai Wensheng is sent to the grassroots.

this is only suitable for free, hurry who skip

well, let’s start regardless of the above phrase AABBDDEEGG, to see English look! Let’s talk about such as the theme, the domestic network, it is a personal point of view, is not entirely representative of the network, this article can also be said to be the way, if there is no time to chat, you can skip.

grass roots, gray areas, accompanied him along the way down. Grassroots is his main label. Also on behalf of the games to bet, don’t care about good looking for loopholes, restrictions and fetters, find tips.

station: the cost is very small, if you spend 500 yuan to buy a 3-5G server, the G server will generally allow you to establish a sub directory and subdirectory building sites, and spend only 500 yuan, making a dumpster online program, a telephone line. The net, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, a template, and then set up collection, SEO site, one night have a number, and returns? I have done this. The display slight skill before an expert!! a included normal, IP for the calculation of 3000 garbage station, to 3000IP how long does it take to see the contents of the message, alliance, each registered a few dollars to mention, while SMS alliance advertising is there is more attractive content one day a few people registered pop ads, what you choose to look at the pattern, good quality point selection The difference between the time window, the RP, the full shot, the hour, and the full play is that the viewer is each

Abstract: Cai Wensheng has a business mind and vision of Fujian’s years of experience makes him make a living away from home at the situation, while avoiding disadvantages, to human nature very wise. So despite all the criticism, Cai Wensheng could still be spared the trouble again and again.


data show, 4399 Games >

this is one of Cai Wensheng’s legendary experiences of selling twisted sticks, setting up stalls, selling clothes and selling pirated discs.

Fujian Gang, Xiamen Internet "take the lead brother" label is deeply branded on him.


as a "joke" founder Yi Guangxu, synchronous push founder Xiong Jun, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong and Yao Jianjun, none of Fujian, and the degree is not prominent.

China the Internet can be started relatively late, I remember in high school, on the site of shlf1314, a BB, and the other is 163! Some chat rooms, and now, the rise of the daily website is about 600 or so! Successful people are not satisfied with the site of the kind of pleasure! Need now is there a need to flow! Do in front of the computer to rub money sites, each have different methods, SEO master through means between K station and included the wandering! His master program is some procedures, can also be sold out, a server can make a relatively large site. There is a garbage station ten do it eight "" trash understanding of each person are not the same, but also similar, depends on the level, the general understanding is that content acquisition, copying, template download A bunch of pop, of every hue, advertising, the advertising content is copied from others, observe the market continues to made a fortune, what followed the hot wind, garbage station only 1 evening, hundreds of M servers, 1 yuan, the domain name below analysis site type

1985, the author was not born, 15 year old Cai Wensheng was arrested in the streets of his hometown.

, in the investment community, is actually assigning something else.



fails to say what is wrong and calls for abuse; success is a disgrace to legend.

because he came from the grassroots, two because he has a special liking for grassroots projects.

was the 4399 and Mito company that Cai Wensheng later became chairman of?

does not lie in his grassroots status, but because he relies on reselling the domain name fortune, he has not created a business, just 10 years ago, the founder of only 4 years of 265 sold. "Domain name dealers", "quick money business people" taste too heavy.

Cai Wensheng has been bitter about this for years, and it’s painful. Now he’s relieved, because he says, "

"if you don’t succeed, the pain you’ve suffered is painful memory.". If successful, these can be ignored."

is not the policeman who caught Cai Wensheng, but the city manager. The reason is destructive to the morals a week before CAI.


China’s Internet has made great progress at present…… ….. We should be able to understand what they mean, many people have been unable to meet in 2000 the Internet mode, then we are on the Internet is mainly play a few games JY, ML not to say on the fledgling , now has the epoch-making? 08 years! One world one dream the slogan is not cooling, and all kinds of things are still happening around us

Yao Jinbo also started by domain name, but has been 58 of the halo cover up.

is to sell lighters in a stall, while the lighter side of the cigarette is attached to sexy bikini babes. It is said that this kind of lighter was popular among young people in the 80s of last century.

The reason for

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